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by Lorraine Storms

South Dakota: A beautiful point to watch the sunset from The Badlands. (You can see the thunderhead way in the distance to the left.  The night provided an amazing thunderstorm in the distance.

Colorado: At one point after we'd crossed the majority of the Rockies, we stopped just to take in the views.  With no one in sight for miles and miles, the sky and the mountains seemed to go on forever.

Arizona: Sunset over the Grand Canyon from the North Rim Campground.  An amazing place to watch the sky change colors!

Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park at sunset.  A positively stunning view of the hoodoos below from the rim of the canyon.  A destination well worth the drive to get there!

A night in Kansas with one of Nate's favorite subjects.

Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park at sunrise.  A beautiful dawn brings new stunning views of the hoodoos.

Wyoming: Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

South Dakota: The Badlands National Park was spectacular any time of day or night!

Utah: The "Opening Scene" to Arches National Park.  Actually known as Park Avenue, but it was a hell of an introduction to the views.

South Dakota: 360 degrees of amazing views.

Oregon: Crater Lake National Park was positively stunning.  Unbelievably clear water looked almost tropical up close, but the depth and clarity allow one to see far below!  (And it is deep!) 

Wyoming: Just the other side of the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park lies a beautiful pool that looks as though it might be perfect for a swim...except for the steam (and the sulfurous smell), of course.

I wasn't the only photographer on this journey.  The views that Nate caught were no less stunning, and I felt it only right to share some of them here! 

South Dakota: Beautiful striations in the Badlands rock.

Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park, one of the few sunny hours we had!  These jagged peaks are amazing.